Encryption Analyzer 1.3 Free

11 11 2009

Find all the password-protected or encrypted files on a PC or over the network.

Key Features

  • Scans files fast – over 4,000 files per minute on an average PC
  • Supports over 150 different file formats
  • Lists recovery options and launches appropriate password recovery modules if necessary
  • Provides detailed information: file formats, protection methods
  • User-friendly Explorer-like interface
  • Available as SDK for .NET
  • Free version available


  • For Home Users
    You get a free check of how secure your files are. With EA you can also verify that you still have passwords for your important files. If you need to unprotect your file, you do not have to search for an appropriate product – EA does it for you and runs the required password recovery module. Enjoy the easy-to-use explorer-like interface with all the necessary options at hand.
  • For IT Professionals
    You can easily check if password protection is used properly in your company and manage protected files directly from EA. EA solves a common problem – employees leaving a company without giving a complete list of their passwords. Full system scan usually takes under an hour. Work with EA in the most convenient way: you can scan your systems over the network, perform scheduled scans and work in batch mode with a command line interface. You also get full reports on protected files and detailed log files.
  • For Computer Forensics
    With EA you get all password recovery and decryption options that are available for the files of the cases you are investigating. Thanks to integration with Passware Kit you can perform password recovery immediately: EA launches the necessary Passware Kit module to recover the password. And, certainly, everything is reported: you receive detailed logs as well as MD5 hash values of protected files.
  • For Developers
    Encryption Analyzer .NET SDK allows you to use all the features of EA in your applications without extra coding.

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